I know, I know, another subjective opinion from an excited developer about their favorite language. Hear me out, maybe I can convince you that this couple has a very bright future. It supercharged our startup and gave us a big advantage to deliver fast, high quality code.

Rust and C#…

We’re excited to announce that AgentFramework for .NET — a library for building interoperable SSI agents for the .NET Core runtime, joined the Hyperledger Aries family of frameworks. Aries provides a shared, reusable, interoperable tool kit designed for initiatives and solutions focused on creating, transmitting, and storing verifiable digital credentials.


Seamlessly connect your bot with a Twitter channel

Surprisingly, as of the date of this article, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to integrate your chatbot service built using the Bot Framework v4 with a Twitter channel.

While there are some commercial products out there, they’re generally very expensive and more enterprise oriented.

This became my…

Three years ago I was moving from my Jersey City apartment to a new apartment in midtown Manhattan. …

Tomislav Markovski

Tech Nerd

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